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Connecting Cabra SEC (CC SEC) was set up as a Sustainable Energy Community in 2021 under the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI). We aim to empower and engage as many people as possible to create a low-carbon sustainable community in Cabra, Dublin 7. We have a strong focus on community development and hope that the projects we complete will benefit all residents in Cabra and neighbouring areas.

The group recognises the interconnectedness of issues around climate change such as poor energy efficiency in homes, low uptake and expense of renewable energy alternatives, high energy prices which leads to fuel poverty, poor active transport infrastructure, deteriorating biodiversity and food security, small circular economy along with poor accessibility and mobility options.

Individual actions such as getting involved in a community climate action project, planting a fruit tree or simply following us on social media and having conversations with your neighours about the environment will all help. We welcome everyone to get involved in whatever form that takes.  Please make enquiries via our email: [email protected]

Connecting Cabra SEC Map area (as approved with SEAI small area maps)

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Areas of Interest

Energy & Retrofit

Energy & Retrofit

One of the main aims of the CC SEC is to create a path towards carbon neutrality for Cabra by 2050. To help us achieve this, we hope to share information with members of the community which will help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, businesses, and community buildings. These measures if completed utilising the grants available from the SEAI and local authority will help to alleviate energy poverty, reduce C02 emissions whilst making Cabra more energy self-sufficient. We have already started this process by completing an Energy Masterplan (EMP) and Register of Opportunities (RoO) with Energy Consultants Ardan Energy Ltd. The Energy Masterplan recently completed March 2023 provides an indication of current energy usage in Cabra and provides ideas about what projects may help to increase sustainable energy generation and improve the energy efficiency of our homes and transport systems. Once suitable projects have been identified with community support, these can then be planned, budgeted, and completed with grant funding from the SEAI.

Energy & Retrofit

Mobility & Active Transport

Mobility & Active Transport

Cabra is in a great location with many excellent public transport links. Safety is an issue on our roads and accessibility for all road and footpath users continues to be an issue. Transport emissions in Ireland account for almost 18% of all our total greenhouse gas emissions. As a group, Connecting Cabra conducted a walking and cycling survey and compiled the results into a report which was presented to DCCs Local Area Committee.

Mobility & Active Transport


Food Security & Grow It Yourself (GIY)

There are many people in Cabra who grow their own food, and many more who would like to. As a group we recognise the importance of locally grown produce, sustainable growing practices and the physical and mental benefits that can accompany growing food on a community level.

Food Security & GIY



Biodiversity is so important for all living things on our planet. Cabra is an urban, city adjacent community but our community supports many creatures and wonderful plants within its boundaries. Connecting Cabra received funding from the Community Foundation of Ireland to hire an ecologist to undertake a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for Cabra.


Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The circular economy involves a different approach to how we produce and consume. It involves sharing, repairing, reusing, refurbishing, and finding ways to avoid landfill. There are many people and businesses in Cabra working in a ‘circular’ manner already, such as those who repair shoes, bikes and appliances, those who are refurbishing clothing and furniture, upcycling and those who sell second hand goods. We hope that in the future Cabra will have repair cafes and a ‘library of things’ for our community to share and repair. A resilient, strong community will naturally share more, help one another out and ultimately create less waste!

Circular Economy

Grangegorman Recycling Facility (Image Credit: Pride of Place Stoneybatter Facebook)

April 2021 – Jan 2023

The Energy Masterplan (EMP) and Register of opportunities (RoR) for Cabra was completed in March 2023 after the Connecting Cabra Sustainable energy community worked with consultants Ardan Energy to finalise the report. The CCSEC group along with TU Dublin first applied for grant funding from the SEAI in 2021 and received €20,000 to start the EMP. The report can be found at the “Useful link” section of the website below.

July 2022 – October 2022

The Biodiversity action plan was completed after the CC SEC group applied for and obtained €4,500 grant funding from the Community Foundation. The report has now been shared with local schools and is available to read at Cabra Library. The report can also be found at the “Useful links” section of the website below.

2023 – 2024

We are involved in the Triple SEC project with Cosybatter & Phibsoro Village Climate Club, which is supported by the EU Commission. It is a pilot project in progressing Citizen Led Renovation.

We host monthly events and hope to support locals on their retrofitting journey & the retrofit of local community buildings.

2023 – 2024

We have started the rollout of our Biodiversity action plan (BAP) with support from the community, local representatives and the local authority (DCC).Projects include:

  • Tree Giveaways
  • Bulb & Hedgerow Planting
  • Greening Fassaugh Avenue
  • Biodiversity Boxes

Keep an eye on our social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates & get in touch to help out!


Other events – please check back here at the website and keep an eye on our social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Useful Links and Information for Energy Grants, Bike and Car sharing, Biodiversity and Grow it Yourself (GIY)

Where can I start?
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  • The Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant – here
  • SEAI Home Upgrades tool – here
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  • The need-to-know info on Electric Vehicles (SEAI “Carpool Series on YouTube”) – here
Cabra Energy Masterplan (EMP) and Register of opportunities (RoR) can be found at Cabra Library or to download here.
Grow food whilst making new friends in the Cabra community – Partnering Gardens with people.
Biodiversity information websites
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